Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Package Design

I found this really cool blog about package design: The Dieline. It was created by Andrew Gibbs after realizing something like that didn't exist. You can find the latest design trends and styles, plus links to great designers, I'm posting here my favourites.

Y Water has a playful bottle designed by Yves Behar

Packaging by Duffy for Thymes / The Journal of Popular Noise audio package

Design by Evgeny Kiselev

Integrity Spirit's Trillium Absinthe Supérieure / Sero2 designed by Curious Design

FLOWmarket designed these empty packages with humorous and thought awakening messages to inspire costumers to think. You can buy them via their online shop.

Patricia Field designed these Diet Coke Bottles for the London launch of Sex and the City movie.

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