Monday, July 28, 2008


Searching the web, I found that the number of people designing and producing eco-friendly bags is rising very quickly. It's nice knowing that everyone is in "green mode" these days and I specially love seeing designers being part of it. I'm showing here a few pictures of some bags I found interesting. 
We are what we do launched the campaign "Plastic ain't my bag" in the UK, cool logo.

Friends of Al bag from Hayden Harnett and Mikado Flower Petal bag from Reusable Bags.

Reiter8 makes totes out of sailboat sails.
Basura Bag from Reusable Bags, made from used juice containers.

Love this planet bags from Greenraising.

Tree Hugger and Eco Mom bags, oooops I forgot where I found them!

Green is in bag from Whimsy Press.

It's good to be green bag from Whimsy Press.

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reiter8 said...

Thanks for pulling together such a great collection of eco friendly bags. Good to be in such great company.