Monday, July 28, 2008


Searching the web, I found that the number of people designing and producing eco-friendly bags is rising very quickly. It's nice knowing that everyone is in "green mode" these days and I specially love seeing designers being part of it. I'm showing here a few pictures of some bags I found interesting. 
We are what we do launched the campaign "Plastic ain't my bag" in the UK, cool logo.

Friends of Al bag from Hayden Harnett and Mikado Flower Petal bag from Reusable Bags.

Reiter8 makes totes out of sailboat sails.
Basura Bag from Reusable Bags, made from used juice containers.

Love this planet bags from Greenraising.

Tree Hugger and Eco Mom bags, oooops I forgot where I found them!

Green is in bag from Whimsy Press.

It's good to be green bag from Whimsy Press.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We are what we do

People, we are responsible for our actions and how they affect the world around us. We wake up everyday thinking only about our lives, we don't look further. There are so many serious issues today like global warming and luckily for us, some are taking action.

We are what we do is a movement created to inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world. They began in the United Kingdom, as a project of the charity Community Links. You'll find on their website useful tips to be part of all this "take action" movement, plus some cool graphics and you can also purchase their Change the World book.

250 Matryoshkas

This is an old event but it's still so creative. A couple of years ago, MAF (Music Art Form) auctioned fifty sets of russian matryoshka dolls for charity. They were decorated by a number of contemporary artists. The event is still online if you'd like to see the whole story and all the designs. I nearly choked when I saw the "Michael Jackson" series, pick your favourite...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fiodor Sumkin

Lovingly crafted pen + ink watercolors + biting social commentary = Fiodor Sumkin, an Amsterdam based illustrator who runs the creative studio Opera78. His work is described as "fresh style of editorial & advertising illustration". Mr. Sumkin can spend hours drawing fonts trying out new ways of creating type.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Package Design

I found this really cool blog about package design: The Dieline. It was created by Andrew Gibbs after realizing something like that didn't exist. You can find the latest design trends and styles, plus links to great designers, I'm posting here my favourites.

Y Water has a playful bottle designed by Yves Behar

Packaging by Duffy for Thymes / The Journal of Popular Noise audio package

Design by Evgeny Kiselev

Integrity Spirit's Trillium Absinthe Supérieure / Sero2 designed by Curious Design

FLOWmarket designed these empty packages with humorous and thought awakening messages to inspire costumers to think. You can buy them via their online shop.

Patricia Field designed these Diet Coke Bottles for the London launch of Sex and the City movie.

Cool websites

If you haven't seen Havaianas or Hermès websites stop reading, go now! 

Havaianas --> Really cool, happy and fun site. Move your mouse through the screen and you'll see amazing illustration appear.

Hermès --> Beautiful and clean design. Really creative and interactive way to present each collection. Go to "travel the world of Hermès" and have fun. Be sure to check out the tie trees slideshow, the wallet jackpot and don't forget to download the kelly bag pattern for some DIY fun. 

Raul Correa Deboutaud

Raul is a very good friend of mine and I've always admired his talent for illustration. We worked together for about a year and his talent is too much to be stucked doing newspaper ads or pop material, although he did some interesting eewok stuff =). Raul enjoys getting involved with whatever design event is going on, he also collaborates with a local design magazine and is about to appear in a Taschen book. He's working freelance now, still surprising us with his work by doing what he truly likes and what he's so good at.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm into modern interior decoration, and lately I've been seeing a lot of cool things wondering where they are coming from. Well, it's all about the fabric. I found out that most of the things I like are from Marimekko (leading Finnish textile and clothing design company) and entered their website and nearly died. I just took a deep long breath and thought "I wanna do this". I don't know much about pattern or textile design but I'm really into it and learning. In the mean time, the site has some freebies, like these cool wallpapers, go! make your desktop beautiful!

Alphabet Flashcards

"Forget A is for Apples. B is for Bauhaus is where it's at". Jargon Boy's M IS FOR MODERN flashcards are a learning tool for kids as well as a fun activity for all ages. Coolness in a box!


StolenShirts came up with the idea of designing these StatAttak t-shirts after being shocked by statistics of "Life expectancy at Birth" in various nations in Africa. Andorra was the highest with 83.51 years and Mozambique was at the bottom with 31.1 years. C'mon! I'm 31, it is shocking! The intention is to make people aware of this stats. The Sons of Stolen are putting 20% of the sales to building an orphanage in Mozambique. Great design by the way.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm in DIY mode, I decided I should learn how to sew and started with make-up bags. To my surprise, they look like make-up bags, they're pretty good actually, so...yaaay! I don't suck! =) It's really fun, specially when you start experimenting, for example, I designed 1" buttons to personalize them with my friend's name and some random designs.

I came up with a pretty case for my iPod touch made with felt and fabric, and did some more for friends, oh! and a camera pouch.  

Whacky Illustration

Illustrator Alexander Blue from Seattle, Washington describes his work as whacky, colorful and curious. He has an interesting style with a really good sense of humor. You can find his illustrations on books, shoes, snowboards, greeting cards to mention a few. He has an amazing website too!