Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm in DIY mode, I decided I should learn how to sew and started with make-up bags. To my surprise, they look like make-up bags, they're pretty good actually, so...yaaay! I don't suck! =) It's really fun, specially when you start experimenting, for example, I designed 1" buttons to personalize them with my friend's name and some random designs.

I came up with a pretty case for my iPod touch made with felt and fabric, and did some more for friends, oh! and a camera pouch.  


meyadan said...

Estan geniales las cositas que has hecho, es que te digo yo , somos unas artistas....
Bueno a ver si te ingenias algo que me pueda gustar, ya sabes que estoy haciendo un encargo pa Diciembre.
Si tienes más fotos o más cosas que has hecho tu m elas mandas
Besos Besos

Anonymous said...

Están geniales las cositas qeu has hecho, es que te digo yo somos unas artistas, jijijiji